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Limited Service Funeral

Costs £1600 plus third party fees.

For those who wish to keep funeral costs to a minimum. All disbursements must be paid in full before the funeral date.

This option consists of:

  • Completion of necessary paperwork at our premises during normal working hours.
  • Date and time of the funeral at our discretion.
  • Removal of the deceased from the place of death or from where the deceased may have been taken prior to our involvement, within 10 miles of our premises at any time of the day or night, and holding deceased on our premises for up to 14 days.
  • Provision of a basic coffin suitable for cremation/burial, and dressing gown.
  • Provision of Mercedes hearse for the conveyance of the coffin directly to the crematorium/ graveside.
  • Provision of a funeral director and two members of staff to assist the family to handle the coffin. If additional staff members need to be provided to ensure safe handling of the coffin, these will be charged at a cost of £30 per person.
  • Mourners may follow the hearse from C Terry’s premises.

Please note that this option specifically exclude all of the following:

  • Holding a Service in a Church or other venue prior to the committal or burial.
  • Embalming, dressing the deceased in their own clothes.
  • Handling of donations on the family’s behalf.
  • Placing of press notices, provision of attendance cards, order of service sheets, ordering of floral tributes. Involvement with cremated remains following the funeral.
  • Third party fees.

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