Funeral Costs Breakdown

The total cost of a funeral comprises of two constituent items as follows:

1.Disbursements – (Monies paid out to third parties on our client’s behalf)

Disbursements are the fees paid to third parties, such as crematorium, cemetery, church, clergy and doctors’ fees, and fees for newspaper notices, which we pay on your behalf. In providing an estimate of proposed funeral costs prior to the funeral, disbursements will be quoted at the costs known to us at the time of making the funeral arrangements. Any subsequent adjustment or change to these charges by the third parties involved is beyond our control and will be reflected on the final account. 2. Funeral Directors’ Charges. The charges we make for the services we provide are separated into a number of categories, as proscribed by the S.A.I.F Code of Practice, as follows:

2. Professional Services – this includes:

An appropriate proportion of our overheads, providing a 24-hour telephone support service to assist clients during the time of our involvement with them, provision of trained personnel able to make all the necessary arrangements in accordance with our clients’ requirements, organising and obtaining the required statutory forms from coroners, doctors and hospitals, preparation of all necessary documentation and delivery to the relevant authority within a 15 mile radius of our premises, arranging and placing press notices with local and national newspapers, provision of Chapels of Rest to enable family and friends to pay their last respects, receiving and caring for floral tributes prior to the Funeral, receiving and administering donations on the family’s behalf. On the day of the funeral, providing a qualified funeral director to supervise and conduct the Funeral.

3. Removal Charge

This is for the removal of the deceased from the place of death, or from where the deceased may have been taken prior to our involvement. This allows for removal conducted by two members of staff within a 10 mile radius of our premises at any time during the day or night.

4. Care of the Deceased

This includes the use of our mortuary facilities to retain the deceased on our premises for up to 14 days, preparation of the deceased (*Embalming with our client’s consent at a extra cost) and the dressing of the deceased as appropriate.

5. Funeral Staff

This charge covers the staff who drive the funeral vehicles and handle the coffin throughout the funeral. Under normal circumstances four members of staff are provided. To maintain safe working practices when family bearers are provided a minimum of three members of staff will be in attendance.

6. Coffin/Casket Charge

The coffin or casket chosen by the family is the focal point of the funeral service, and can play a part in telling the story of the deceased’s life and personality. If dad didn’t like a lot of fuss then a simple coffin with unobtrusive fittings may fit the bill. If mum loved all things pink then a bright pink coffin – perhaps with flowers or her name engraved on the side – might raise a smile on a difficult day. Our aim is to provide a wide choice of designs to ensure that the coffin or casket chosen is right for each individual. The following pages show the options available within our comprehensive range of coffins and caskets.

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