Green Burials

For those people looking for a different and kind of burial, we offer the choice of a woodland burial in the Nottinghamshire countryside at the Oxton Estate, the Tithe Green Burial Ground. Tithe Green was opened in 1999 and is Green-Burials-pagelocated near Calverton 9 miles north of Nottingham within the boundary of the historic Sherwood Forest. Loved ones can be buried in an informal meadow setting.

The Burial Ground, opened in 1999, comprises 36 acres and forms part of Oxton Estate which has been privately owned by the Sherbrooke family for nearly 500 years. The backdrop of Darcliff Wood offers a unique perspective to the Burial Ground and reinforces the feeling of true nature whilst providing habitat for wildlife. At Tithe Green we actively encourage the planting of trees and wildflowers; what we place in the ground is of great concern and eco-friendly bio-degradable coffins are an appropriate choice.

We pay tribute to those who have died by planting trees, shrubs and wild flowers. We also recognise that families often wish to mark both graves and memorial trees and Tithe Green accepts the placing of grave plaques that are flat on the ground or tree plaques on stakes to mark trees. In order to provide opportunities for growing wild flowers, it is appropriate to let nature take hold of the site and so mowing of the site is not undertaken during the growing season. This also provides the best habitat for wildlife. Paths are maintained all year round in order to provide access to the various Burial areas.

The vision is to create additional woodland and wild flower meadows that will, in time, blend seamlessly with the existing woods and to provide a special place where we can pay respect to those we love in an environment worthy of their memory, whilst allowing people the opportunity to give something back to nature.

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The images below show the beautiful setting at different times of the year.

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