Horse Drawn Funerals 

To re-creates the elegance of a bygone era, we can supply a variety of horse drawn carriages with an experienced team of drivers and grooms who will provide a competent and reliable service. The Driver and Groom wear traditional Victorian livery and the horses are turned out to a high standard in English leather harness, with traditional collars.

The horses wear black or white drapes and usually wear black, white, or purple ostrich feather plumes, and other colours are also available. The horses available are either black Hungarian, dappled grey Hungarian or Grey Lipizzaners, all are highly skilled carriage horses that are trained to stand quietly and are highly reliable in traffic.

Please note that even though the horses are very fit, in the interests of their welfare, we would not expect a normal funeral cortège to exceed a distance of approximately 8 miles, with a duration of up to 2½ hours.

The most popular hearse are black or white but we can also supply pink, silver or a gun carriage. The horse drawn hearses will accommodate most casket and coffin types and have flower rails and traditional style carriage lamps.

For details of our elegant horse drawn funerals please feel free to contact us for details.

The images below are just a few examples of previous Horse Drawn Funerals carried out by C Terry.

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